Design once. Deploy everywhere.

A simpler, more flexible license to use fonts across all platforms for a single annual fee.

Monotype Enterprise License

If you need a large library, or just a few fonts—our Enterprise license has what you need to use fonts consistently across platforms.

Consuming content across channels is now the norm. Customers jump between channels and platforms within minutes and expect everything to be consistent.

With a Monotype Enterprise License you can:

  1. Use fonts across every company workstation
  2. Design and distribute printed materials with the fonts
  3. Use fonts on the web for up to billions of pageviews
  4. Embed and distribute fonts in mobile apps
  5. Embed fonts in commercial documents to be distributed e.g. annual reports or invoices
  6. Use web fonts in HTML5 digital ad campaigns

How it works

It’s one, simple license
Instead of buying individual font licenses for desktops, websites and apps — you’ll have one license instead of many.

Flexible Web font hosting options
Host web fonts yourself, or optionally use our world class infrastructure to deliver fonts via CSS or JavaScript. For up to billions of pageviews.

Download and embed fonts in apps
When you need fonts for creating a mobile app, just choose the weights and formats you need — then embed the font files like you would any other creative assets.

Use web fonts in HTML5 digital ad campaigns
With the rise of HTML5 in the digital ad world, using web fonts to build your creatives has never been more important. Web fonts are a natural fit for any digital ad but becomes even more significant when you introduce rich media and dynamic ads. The flexibility and responsiveness that come with web fonts empowers brands to reach their audience in all mediums without sacrificing quality.


Easier to manage
Manage one license instead of many. And because your entire organization is covered there’s no need to manage multiple licenses for individual users. Never worry about counting licenses again.

Easier to buy
Save time and effort by going through the procurement process once. This means one EULA to read and one purchase order/invoice to sign off.

Future proof your brand identity
Make sure you’re covered for the licensing rights you need today as well as in the future.

Have peace of mind of over cost
With a single annual fee for your fonts, you’ll always be able to predict costs.

Remove risk of being non-compliant
By purchasing the broadest rights available you’ll reduce the chance of unlicensed usage in your company.

Change fonts anytime
If a font in your brand identity changes — simply choose another font from our vast library at no extra cost.

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